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Lawn care


April - May

  • Mow regularly at 2-3”, leave the clippings for free fertilizer
  • If needed, fertilize mid-May
  • Improve thin areas with aeration, overseeding, and topdressing with compost
  • Pull weeds before they seed


June - August

  • Water deeply, 1 inch per week, or let lawn go golden and dormant
  • Mow less often as growth slows


September - November

  • On thin areas, overseed and topdress with compost in Sept.
  • If needed, apply organic fertilizer September-October, or slow-release synthetic until November
  • Pull fall weeds before they seed
  • Mow lower (1”) the last time in fall


December - March

  • Get mower blades sharpened before the spring rush
  • Test soil once every 3 years to plan fertilizer and lime needs